What do continuous breathing and mirrors have to do with decorating? 

Fun question - right? While at the gym the other morning I was listening to All Songs Considered and Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton introduced us to Colin Stetson who performs his song Spendrift entirely by himself with circular breathing. If you listen to the 6 1/2 minute recording you'll notice he doesn't STOP to take a "breath" because he has trained himself to keep breathing... without breaking... while playing an instrument. This man is able to play for INFINITY!

Take a listen here while you read through the rest of this article, scroll to the bottom of this link: 

NPR all songs - Colin Stetson


So that got me thinking about INFINITY and the decorating tricks I’ve seen that create infinity with mirrors. You can create infinity by setting mirrors across from each other to continuously reflect each other. I’ve seen this done before in a small alcove bar and this linen closet below. 

Creating infinity is not only fun, but makes a small area feel so spacious and brings in additional light. There are lots of decorating tricks you can implement with mirrors, and a few well placed mirrors can reflect decorative lighting fixtures, architectural elements, artwork, the outdoors, and anything else you want to showcase. 

Here are a few really cool ways that infinity mirrors have been used in decorating!

(source from another post here)


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Designer Feature for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month this Februrary I wanted to highlight a few African American Interior Designers that I admire. They have impressive, accomplished careers and are making an impact on the design scene. I am featuring these three women because I have come across their work previously through an article, podcast, or some other form of media that I found inspiring and left an impression. I wish I had gotten this post out sooner for the duration of the month, but it's always a good time acknowledge the inspiring work of hard working designers! So here goes!

Sheila Bridges

I wish I could actually remember the first time I came across Sheila's information, it was quite a few years back, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with her book "Furnishing Forward." I think Sheila is such a design icon, she has a well developed classic style with rich art incorporated into each room.



After taking a lookk through her website I realize I have "pinned" plenty of her published work! Take a look at some of her gorgeous rooms below: 

I love her living room! These soft blues and red are a great combination!

The fun mix of patterns, color and texture in this room give

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Layers of Lighting

Well hello there! I would consider this post more of a PSA (public service announcement). I love sharing easy design & decorating tips for people to implement in their homes, so here's one about lighting. 

Lighting is so important for many reasons including: reading, walking, hobbies, and safety. It affects your mood and circadian rhythms. And did you know that your need for light changes as you age? That's why it's always good to reassess your room and make sure the lighting suits your needs. 

So here are a few types of lighting to consider when you are evaluating the lighting in your home: 

1- Ambient lighting

This is the rooms overall brightness coming from a main light source. This can be achieved from several floor & table lamps, overhead lighting, or any combination of them. 


One single table lamp in the corner

(image source)


Layers of lighting from the chandelier and table lamps throughout the room

(image source)


2- Task lighting

This is very important for being able to see things you are working on, without

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Often times when thinking about interior decorating, many people focus on the visual aspect of a room. They see a picture and implement the idea in their space, but feel that something may still be missing. One of the important things to remember is that a room should appeal to ALL the senses. So the one I would like to speak about in this post is SCENT! 

Veranda House Hotel

Smells can evoke many emotions, memories, and lift a mood. Think about your significant other's perfume or cologne. Or a favorite candle or hand lotion you used during a special occasion. A waft of any of these will send you down memory lane! So that's why it's important that you consider using scent in your home. It will create a feeling of season, evoke memory, and add light and warmth to any room making it feel cozy especially during these colder winter months. 

M/I Homes of Chicago: Sheffield Square Grant Park - Dearborn Model


So here are a few tips when incorporating scent into your home: 

1- Make it Seasonal

Consider using the current season for inspiration. During the winter months use candles that smell like vanilla, cinnamon, or other related baking spices. If you're looking for something more earthy you can try some of the balsam, pine, sandlewood, or the classic patchouli and neroli.  In the spring & summer - don't forget fresh flowers!

2- Flow between Rooms

Just like paint colors should flow from room to room, it's also important scents do the same. You don't want a situation of a fresh bright summer scent jarring with one of those warm earthy winter smells. Keep the blends subtle and discreet - they don't have to be the same scent but just compliment each other! 

3- Color & decor

Many candles available today come in a variety of colors and styles. Try to find something that blends with your existing home or holiday decor. This way it will work double duty as an accessory, not just an item that looks like it's being used to mask smell. If you're working with flowers add colors and vases to compliment the decor as well.  

4- Safety 

Of course if you are using candles to enhance the scent in your home, it's important to follow common sense safety rules. I always recommend to keep candles in a very visible place so you don't forget to blow them out when you leave the room. Also keep them in a safe place where they won't get accidently knocked over when lit. 

5- Candle alternatives

One of my absolute favorite alternatives to candles are the reed diffusers. They come in so many scents now and can safely be tucked into any small space.  I love these because they work hard and you don't have to worry about the safety concerns with candles. You can buy a few diffusers at the same time, following tip #2 above, making sure they relate to each other. Then once they run out in a few months you can purchase a set of new ones in a seasonal scent set! 

Master Bath Vanity


Dining Room


Elegant Morris County Home


80-Hour Vertical Beeswax Candle With Hurricaine Glass


Aviary Owl Candle, Sky


I hope you enjoyed these tips and they inspire you. Do you currently use scent in your home, and if so how do you like to implement? 


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Sad & Naked... do you find yourself in this situation every year?

Yes - I'm talking about your home of course. The 'post holiday blues" are real, and it doesn't help that all the cheer gets packed up until next year and leaves you with an empty house. 

(image source via Houzz) 

Sad.  As in "there was a huge beautiful decorated tree in front of that window that brought lots of anticipation and presents." 

(image source via Houzz)

Naked. As in "Hey I'm a new sofa. It's cold in here - where is everyone? Did I miss the party?"

But don't despair - this can all be remedied very quickly and easily! As the first photo shows, the post holiday blues present an opportunity to try new things with your space. Rearrange furniture, try new accessories, or call in a pro if you're stuck. The second photo is such a clean slate you can accessorize in many ways! 


Time for tips!

  1. It certainly feels like winter up here in the north. That means it's a great opportunity to layer in the textiles. The more the merrier... rugs, blankets, throws. It's all about getting cozy on these cold days. (image via Pinterest)

  2. Greenery is also a fantastic way to brighten any space. Not only does it add life to the room but it can help purify the air. (image via Pinterest)

  3. Try adding pairs. Pairs create symmetry, which makes us feel balanced in a room. And who doesn't need to feel more balanced after the holidays? Maybe it's a pair of chairs, pair of artwork, or lamps. Or maybe all three! You'll be surprised the effect it has, even in an eclectic room! 
    Eclectic Bedroom


Ready to get started on your home project? It's go time!


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It's that time of year again! Pantone has just announced their color of 2017 which is called Greenery. It is nice to see some spring colored leafy green this time of year as everything up here in the north turns a cold gray. Brrr...

(image source)

Wondering how to incorporate this green into your existing home decor for a fresh look? Check out this room photo below for some inspiration, it looks great mixed with rich blues and wood tones. 

(image source)

Artwork and some green ferns are always an easy update! 

What do you think of the new color of 2017? 



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This Room Two Ways

Hello! Earlier this morning I presented the room below in two ways. The first way was "decorating" it, meaning that we added personalized color through accessories & artwork. The second was "staging" it, which is essentially undecorating and neutralizing the space also through accessories. In either case the furniture and placement stayed the same. I think this quick example demonstrates how easy it is to update a space with accessories! 



1- Personalized Colors & Accessories including a family photo gallery wall

2- Neutralized color & accessories for staging - depersonalize by removing family photos


Imagine you are buying a home and flipping through tons of photos, which one would you be inclinced to like?

Would love to know! 



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Another Decorating Tip That's Cheaper (and less stressful) then repainting


Buckinghamshire Residence by LLI Design.


Updating accessories! Of course the "cheaper" part of the subject line only holds true if you aren't spending a lot on accessories. But what is important to know here is that sometimes paint colors just don't look right in a room. People may even repaint a different shade and still not be happy with the results. The problem here is with the accessories, or lack there of.


J. Hirsch Interior Design Portfolio


One key element of design is to make each decision look intentional. For example, if you are going to mix a warm color with cool color it needs to look intentional. How to do that? Find a piece of artwork that has both tones in it so it looks intentional. 


Cozy Living Room


Then repeat it. Pick up both colors in pillows, throw blankets, vases, etc. 


Parkwood Road Residence Living Room 2


I believe that you can make almost any color scheme work with carefully placed design elements and accessories. 


tineke triggs


I think that a decorator's job is an important one for finishing a room. You can have the best architectural layout, best tradespeople install, and highest quality furniture purchased. But accessories and carefully chosen colors really make a room sing. It adds personality and liveliness and that 'wow' factor everyone is looking for. 


Honore-Transitional Dining Room


If you need ideas on how to make this happen in a room of yours, I'd be honored to help!