Bright Ideas from ICFF: Part 2 of 2

It's been a busy week wrapping up projects and "thinking" about packing for our vacation (although I haven't actually started packing yet :) We are excited for a little time off! Before I go I wanted to send out my second post about lighting from the ICFF. (first one here). There's some really great ideas, what do you think?! You can click on the titles of each section for links to learn more. 

David D'Imperio Lighting

Very eye catching designs with lots of pattern and geometry. My hands down favorite was the entire linear suspension line. So unique and beautiful. Technical and fluid at the same time, all around a great design.

Crystalmeth faceted design


I also liked this drum pendant design


Serip Organic Lighting

Portugal based lighting designs, organic here meaning looking natural (not made with "organic" materials) with it's branch-like tentacles grabbing onto glass droplets. Together this creates a very sculptural & unique lighting fixture.



Bespoke Global

Well with a name like and a website full of interesting and unique projects it sounds like they can make anything custom. Here are two of my favorite lighting designs they had.

Tubular Light

Virus Lights

Nervous System

What started as a company that created 3D printed jewelry has now expanded into lighting. Each lamp is unique and casts an organic pattern through the open latticework.


Jonathan Rowell

His clever use of screw mechanism as part of the design allows for easy height adjustments. And I liked his sketch.

Screw Me


Jake Dyson

Make no mistake - the name is no coincidence. This is in fact the son of Dyson vacuum inventor.  Except Jake decided to pursue lighting. I've seen this concept before but it was pretty cool to see it in person. LED lights last a long time but with the designs extra venting and cooling system they last even longer - 37 years! The video of how it works is really great, you can check it out here.

Csys Tall


There are way too many fantastic designs to choose from, I could do an entire blog post on some of these companies. So instead I recommend you browse through the website to see them all. Here are a few of the most different designs I wanted to share.

These look like mini punching bags and they are always self-adjusting to achieve upright balance. Piccola

Lighting as furniture?

Light bench

The shade below is actually made of polyester material that is suspended between 2 open loops that hang from a tripod. Unexpected use of materials to still achieve such a clean straight look.


AlexAllen Studio

This is a great way to make a functional item look good while adding yet another function. The Container Store should get in on some of this action!


Light and Contrast

This little lamp has a lot to offer, including some personality that could possibly rival Pixar's lamp. This Trapeze lamp rotates with a propriety wire free ball socket and uses LED light with diffuser.


Tango Lighting

This company sells a lot of different contemporary lighting fixtures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Again with the light and shadows this shade creates depth and interest even though it's all white.

Twist Floor Lamp

These look like little ballerina lamps or dresses.


It would be cool if these were solar powered...

Zig Zag Outdoor

This one is interesting although the photos is not the best - the shade is part of the base is part of the socket...

Self Table

Tom Dixon

And we'll wrap this post up with Tom Dixon, a pretty well known name for design accessories. He has quite a few lighting designs that use metal, or metallic minimalism as he says. They also had quite an impressive and intimidating display at ICFF where they were running metal parts through the lasers, and also were cutting and stamping rulers if I remember correctly.

Impressive the amount of small detail you can get into these pendants. The light must be beautiful coming through there.

Cell Tall Pendant

I love the metallic interior of this pendant lamp below.

Beat Light Wide White


And there it is! My full summary of ICFF lighting! Hope you enjoyed scrolling through! Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back to post more later in August!


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I am feeling very happy after reading this blog.Keep posting such good blogs.I would love to share such kind of good blogs for all the time.very good blog.

August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPendant Light

Thank you for reading! I am happy to share the beautiful designs I see and am glad you enjoy them too :)

August 30, 2013 | Registered CommenterAndrea Valle

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