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I just wrapped up a consultation with a fun client who wants to turn a spare bedroom into her crafting workspace. At the beginning of each design project I like to do some research that serves both as inspiration and an easy way to talk about their needs and wants for the space.


Once I started researching I kept finding more and more creative storage and workspace solutions! There are so many great options out there it can certainly be hard to choose. Some general things to consider when making your decision are: how long you plan to stay in your home (which will help you figure out what type of investment to make), what is your budget, who uses the space, what for, and most importantly is how do you work?


My biggest suggestion is to create a system that works the way you do. Are you a piler or filer? Do you like to spread out to work or do you keep things confined to one desk? Do you craft solo or with a group? Do you like to do crafts in the heart of the action so you don't miss anything, or do you like a peaceful escape? Everybody works differently and there is no wrong solution. It's a ton easier to create a custom workspace that fits your style rather than changing the way you work.


After talking through some ideas we narrowed down the essentials to scrapbook supplies, finished album storage, and the longest possible work surface for spreading out pages while working! Given this criteria I suggested getting quotes from both California Closets and Elfa, the wall system from The Container Store. Both are fantastic options and I can't wait to see which she chooses!

California Closets - craft

California Closets - craft

California Closets offers an in-home consultation which is helpful since they can see your actual space and make more custom suggestions. You can build to the ceiling and top it off with crown molding to create a built-in look. There are many beautiful wood and painted finishes, but I think the biggest advantage to this system is the combination of closed and open storage options. California Closets - office

California Closets - office

California Closets - office


The Elfa system is completely open, but also completely versatile. You can add all kinds of shelves, rails, baskets and containers (of course) to totally customize your storage options. The advantage to this system is in its flexibility so you can update and change the configuration as needed and you don't need to reinstall.


(The Container Store)


(The Container Store)

If you are looking for other storage solutions that don't involve any installation here are a few great ideas that could easily incorporate into any room:

What can't you buy at Ikea? They make many versatile pieces that are very affordable and can be re-purposed over and over again. Take these Expedit shelves for example. Perfect if you are looking for a freestanding piece that can either go against an empty wall or even be used as a room divider. They come in several configurations and I saw a lot of crafters using these to store all kinds of supplies.

Horizontal paper storage with task lighting above, also sold at Ikea. (picture source)

Lots of white storage boxes provides closed storage that looks unified. (source)

Do you like to work on the kitchen table? How about carving out some space in a pantry or cabinet?  Vertical paper storage called Cropper Hopper found at Joann's.



Here's a great temporary work surface option if you don't have space for a permanent table.
A Murphy Desk from HomeDecorators.com

Turn an available closet into storage for supplies and place a work surface in front.
Shelves and a painted pegboard provide lots of storage and even a work surface inside the closet!(source)

A clever re-purpose of clothes storage systems! (source)

Lots of storage that utilizes the wall and floor. Portable trunk for flexibility and a decorative curtain to close it off when not in use. (source)

And who knows crafting better than Martha Stewart herself?!? She has an entire line for Home Decorators that includes tables, hutches, and storage galore that come in multiple color options.

Well I hope this sparks some organizing and storage ideas for you! Happy crafting.


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There are some great storage ideas and resources here Andrea and so many flexible options too. I clipped a few of these for my sewing and crafts room. Thanks for sharing.

August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJONELLE
The proper alignment, posting and long lasting accuracy is there. These three aspects are always needed in every aspect of business. Great work. This concept also helpful on my way to work.

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