Holiday Decorating

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. Time is starting to fly and it's becoming crunch time! We've been busy decorating the house, and I'm revving up for my annual baking extravaganza. I usually bake a dozen or so cookie recipes each year to give out to our neighbors and friends. Each year I like to try a few new recipes and I think this one makes the cut! chocolate rum truffles

This is also the time when we start getting a lot of holiday cards. I wanted a way to display them so we could enjoy all the pictures but didn't want to tape them all over a door frame, and it's hard to stand those photo cards on a table. So after searching online for some inspiration I came up with this easy DIY solution. You can get the supplies at Michaels or Joann Fabrics. (The faces have been blurred to protect the early card senders!)


This is what you need:
- 18" wire wreath frame
- string of garland (there are so many choices, or you could even make your own)
- twine (or other thread, twist ties, string)
- some tree clippings (we used our leftovers from our tree)
- small clothes-pins 
- command hooks (great option for temporary hanging) 


Start by laying out all your supplies. Then begin wrapping the garland around
the wireframe and tie it on in a few discreet locations with the twine.
It stays pretty well once wrapped.  

Now don't be concerned how it looks in its current state,
it will get better once we fill it in.

The idea is to take these tree clippings and stuff them around the wire
frame to create a fuller look. When you tuck the pieces in keep in mind
to leave some metal exposed for clipping your cards onto.     

Then hang onto your wall, viola! Once the cards start
rolling in just take a clothespin and hang them up!
It will get fuller as season goes on and you can enjoy all
the pictures and cards you receive.

This idea is very simple, and customizable. You could add a bow on top, fill in the gaps with ornaments, small bird figurines, you get the idea. Hope this wreath sparks an idea for you! 


In Addition...

Here are some other fun wreath ideas I've collected on Pinterest {click here } and a nice collection of ideas from BH&G {click here }. A few things to keep in mind when picking out a wreath for your front door:

Contrast - make sure your wreath has enough color contrast so it stands out from your front door.

Scale - if you're using small wreaths try them in multiples {click here } 

Placement - keep your wreath centered vertically, and about 1/3 from the top. Take into consideration the design of the door, such as decorative details, windows, storm doors. Then center accordingly.

Materials - speaking of storm doors... keep materials in mind when picking out your wreath. Will it be protected behind the storm door? Or will it hang outside?

Style - how do you currently decorate your home? (rustic, contemporary, traditional, etc). Sometimes holiday decorating is a great way to try a new style statement in your home!

Color - the colors you choose can help reinforce your color scheme for the holidays and give those approaching your home a sense of what's inside

Have fun decorating! 

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What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

October 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJONELLE

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