When life gives you a bunch of lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade or something like that. But what are you supposed to do with enormous trees that have fallen near (hopefully not on) your house?

Although we still don't have power we were really, really, lucky during hurricane Sandy - there were 4 large trees that uprooted from the strong winds and fell in the woods behind us and in our neighbor's yard. This particular tree above began uprooting but stopped. We were able to have it cut down in time before it fell onto our roof. But now - this wood!! What do we do with it? The pieces are humongous! For scale you can see a pile of sandbags at the top left of the picture behind the stump. And those large rocks in the wall could only be moved by machine this summer... This was a big tree.

It's a shame to let this nice looking wood rot away and I'd love to make something cool with it. I'm not sure I have access to a saw large enough to handle this massive pile of wood, but if I did here are some ideas that have come to mind so far:

Stump Side Table or Stool

Let's start with the seemingly easy ideas. Take a chainsaw and voila! I'm sure you've seen stumps, and even golden stumps, in magazines and online lately. There are several places that SELL these stumps for hundreds of dollars. All I'd need to do is borrow a chain saw (and learn how to use it.)

Top Row Left to Right: DWR side table$398  |   Kalon Studios $85  |  Custom Geometric table on Houzz 
Bottom Row Left to Right: West Elm $199  |  DIY idea on google  |  Arteriors Subin Stump Golden Foiled $804

Pathways & Patios

Yes, please. This would look great at the bottom of our driveway next to some grass. I think it works really well in the pictures above with the small pea gravel between the logs to keep it an even surface and allow for drainage.

From left to right: Winding path via Yahoo  |  Garden Path via Houzz  |  Log Patio via Dwell


In keeping with the large scale projects here are a few installations that create walls and borders with trees, and even let them grow inside! I think most of our tree is too big for these ideas inside, but maybe outside somewhere.

Left to right: Trees inside  |  Wooden Block Wall  |  Lobby Installation

Pyrography Artwork (a.k.a. wood burning)

I found this beautiful butterfly artwork on Etsy awhile back. I love the intricately burned detail combined with paint and pencil. It's just so elegant looking. Next is a custom cutting board and simple wooden spoons. Furthest right is an intricately detailed bowl with gold leaf interior. It would be fun experimenting with wood burning - since we don't have a fireplace burning wood this way could be fun and artistic, and lasts a lot  longer.

Clockwise from left, via Etsy:  Butterfly Artwork by Haunted Hollow Tree  |  Taylor Craft Cutting Board  |  Tricianewell Bowl  |  Greenwood Mendhi Spoons


Paired with Food

This rough hewn table on top creates a warm atmosphere for a wine bar. It would be amazing if I could cut the tree into pieces this large! If I get adventurous I could try turning some wood on a lathe to make some bowls - the florescent color blocking looks amazing on these. There are also some beautiful cutting boards and trivets.  And how could I resist showing this adorable puppy food bowl stand? 

Clockwise from top:  Wood Slab Table by Real Woodworks  |  Wooden bowls by Willow & Willow Home  |  Footed Platte cutting board by Grayworks Design |  Itsy Stump Sipper by Real Woodworks  |  Trivet by Real Woodworks  |  Natural Edge Cutting Board by FarmTimbers


Outside Art & Sculpture

Apparently removing the stump can be costly so I thought adding flowers was a good way to make the remaining stump look good. On the right is an interesting sculpture that uses branches to create a tree house. 

Left to right: Tree Stump Planter by This Old House  |   Tree House by Architectural Digest


So what do you think? Please comment below if you have any ideas on how to use this wood, I'd love to hear them! 

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks around here, it's been 12 days since we lost power. They are saying most outages should be restored by Saturday so fingers are crossed. I can't wait to go home, I plan to catch up on some much needed sleep and then maybe start some wood projects :)  

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I am so glad you are alright. How scary. I'm glad the fear of it all has not affected your clever and creative ideas. Love following your blog Andrea.

November 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJonelle

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