Our ReDecorating Consultation is at the heart of everything we do. Our other services evolve from this first step that creates a comfortable, well-balanced room. We begin the consultation by learning about your goals and assessing the room. We provide design tips catered to your space and tell you how to avoid making common decorating mistakes.

Then we establish the room's foundation and floor plan through space planning that considers the flow and function determined by your needs. During the consultation we'll rearrange and decorate if possible, and we try to incorporate existing pieces into the redesign to offer affordable and resourceful options. We provide a new perspective to the things you see everyday, and you may be surprised how different your room can look rearranged in a new way.

Lastly we discuss detailed items such as paint colors, how to hang art, new things to buy, and where to buy them at the best prices. We write a design plan that summarizes everything we discussed and where it will go in the room. Our design plans are fit to your budget, and can be completed when the time and budget allows. You'll have full control over the process and will feel confident about every item you check off the list.

All of this is achieved during the ReDecorating Consultation and is included in our low flat rate no matter how long it takes. This consultation works for every type of room in your home or office - living room, dining room, bedrooms, nurseries, bathroom, kitchens, foyers, hallways, storage rooms, etc!

If you would like additional help decorating, take a look at our menu for more options. Contact us today for a price card and to schedule a consultation.