When getting a house ready for the real estate market our goal is to create rooms that excite potential buyers and make a great first impression. Our ReSale Ready Service is much like a ReDecorating Consultation but instead of making the space feel personal we cater it towards a wide cross-section of people. This creates interest for a larger number of potenial buyers so your home spends less time on the market.

ReSale Ready is completed in one day so you will see fast results. We assess every room, rearrange and decorate if possible, and offer inexpensive solutions that help your home sell. Any additional work that needs to be done (such as painting or deep cleaning) can be completed in a short time after and will add value to your home. We won't recommend making big, unnecessary changes to a place you're not going to stay in. And unlike a typical staging service we encourage you to use what you already own and save money on expensive rentals.

ReSale Ready brings out your home's true value and convinces
people why it's worth the buy.